The Use Of Heat Pumps For Heating And Cooling

Most places in the United States require both heating and cooling and a heat pump is the ideal solution. Heating and cooling systems in New Braunfels is done by extracting either heat from cold air or coolness from hot air within the heat pump. It sounds impossible but no matter how cold the air is, it still contains heat and the same is true with hot air, it contains cold.

The use of a heat pump as a heating and cooling system has many advantages. The equipment is dual purpose so there is no need to install both a traditional furnace and a separate air conditioning system and it is very efficient. Traditional heating requires a source of fuel which is then ignited and burnt, turning the fuel into heat. Heat pumps do not require any fuel nor do they generate any heat as a unit. As there is no need for gas, oil or coal the savings on fuel costs over a year can be staggering.

Contractors who specialize in heating and cooling systems in New Braunfels can install the heat pump and maintain it. The initial cost is quite reasonable and the operating costs are very low. Over and above the monetary issues is the comfort factor. Traditional furnaces provide heat by periodically having a burn and then a fan forces the blast of hot air through the house. The house then cools and the cycle repeats itself. This system results in periods when the home is too hot and other periods when it is too cold. Heating that is done by the use of a heat pump gives a steady supply of warm air which is constantly extracted from the ambient and is much more uniform and comfortable. This is also true with cooling; traditional air conditioners cycle on and off resulting in periods when it is too cold and too warm. Heat pumps eliminate this.

When heating and cooling in New Braunfels is done using a heat pump it not only eliminates hot and cold spots throughout the house it will alleviate skin conditions that are caused by a furnace that burns fuel. The same is true in the summer as there is no cold air blowing through the house; the house is simply cooled by having the heat removed.

Heat pumps are not only used to heat and cool the interior of a home or commercial building; they are often used to heat swimming pools and hot tubs.

Repair and maintenance of your heating and cooling systems in New Braunfels should not be left to any company other than the best. With over 30 years in business, the experts at All Service Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. offer the best products and services in the area.

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