The Truth Behind the Myths of Wood Overhead Doors

Garage doors are used a lot in most homes, particularly if there is more than one vehicle going in and out on a daily basis. In addition to all the opening and closing they go through, wood overhead doors are also directly exposed to sunlight, heat, rain, wind, snow and sleet, as well as hail and debris.

Despite all this exposure to weather elements, wood overhead doors perform as good or better than the other options. Also, and this is important to keep in mind, wood doors for the garage are the only option if you want to customize the look of the doors or if you have anything other than a standard size garage door opening.

Often, the myths about wood overhead doors hold people back from considering these beautiful additions to any home. While there may be truth in some of these myths with low-quality wood doors, it is certainly not the case when buying from the top brands and manufacturers.

Built to Last

It is not unusual for wood overhead doors to literally last a lifetime. These doors, when constructed and finished by a top company, are built only from the best quality woods.

With staining and sealing, and the choice of the best type of wood, these doors are insect resistant, water repelling and also extremely tough. They won’t dent and ding like aluminum or other materials, and are also very solid and secure.

Designed Practically

Through the use of very lightweight Alaska cedar and Sitka spruce, these doors can easily be paired with overhead garage door openers for easy opening and closing. These woods are also naturally going to resist all chewing insects.

However, there is also the insulating factor of natural wood to consider. It is common among top manufacturers to have wood overhead doors that have an R value of seven to nine, helping to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the home with an attached garage.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep

Once wooden garage doors have been stained and sealed or primed and painted; they are very low-maintenance. Unlike steel doors, they won’t scratch and then rust, and unlike steel or aluminum they won’t dent and need significant repairs to correct these problems.

Like any wood surface they can be filled, sanded and touched up, and today’s stains and sealants mean full restraining of wood overhead doors are only needed every few years, which is typically the same for painted surfaces. This makes them a very good investment, and one that certainly adds curb appeal to any home.

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