The Top Reasons To Provide CPR Training In Illinois To All Staff

Regardless of where you work or what type of business you operate, caring for the people within the workplace should be a top priority. Having staff learn about basic lifesaving procedures can help save live and should be the top reason to have everyone complete CPR training in Illinois.

It is estimated by the American Heart Association that over 350,000 cardiac arrests will happen out of hospital every year. This means just over 1000 men, women, and children experience a cardiac arrest every day in the United States alone. In 2013 these numbers actually increased to a total number of 424,000 adult cardiac arrests where EMS responded.

Early and Immediate Help

Obtaining CPR training in Illinois for your staff ensures the business employees are prepared to respond should they have to provide CPR for an individual. However, even more importantly, they will become aware of the signs of cardiac arrest, such as sudden loss of conscious with no heartbeat, or even feelings of nausea or dizziness right before loss of consciousness.

Research shows that those people who suffer cardiac arrest and obtain CPR by a bystander until EMS arrives have almost double the survival rate than those who only get CPR when emergency responders arrive.

Confidence to Act

The long the individual is left without treatment the greater the risk of death. Through participating in CPR training in Illinois, everyone becomes more confident in how to do CPR, eliminating their hesitation to start performing the chest compressions which could well save a life.

Options with Training

Many people have taken CPR training in Illinois in the past and haven’t had a refresher course for years. There have been changes in the recommendations for CPR for bystanders which are important to learn. One big change is to have the option to use CPR hands-only instead of the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation component.

With this understanding, as well as a how to correctly provide hands-only CPR, concerns with performing direct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an unknown and unconscious individual can be completely eliminated.

In addition, taking a live CPR training in Illinois is a more realistic, informative and confidence-building training than watching a video or observing a demonstration. Having the ability to get in and try the procedure under the guidance of a professional, experienced trainer makes all the difference in understanding the procedure as well as the reasons to use it.

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