The Top 6 Places to Meet Women In Boston

If you’re running out of ideas on where to meet women in Boston, look no further. The likely reason why you haven’t met any women you’re compatible with is because you’ve been looking in the wrong places. The neighborhood bars and restaurants, and after-work watering holes don’t have the ideal atmosphere in which to get to know someone. Instead, consider the following options:

1. Fenway Park
More women than ever before consider themselves baseball fans; and they’re downright knowledgeable when it comes to the game. You can find plenty of groups of single women attending Red Sox games at Fenway, so pick up some tickets and plan an outing of your own with a few buddies. It’s always great fun when the New York Yankees are in town.

2. Franklin Park Zoo
There’s nothing better to do on a glorious spring or summer day than take a leisurely walk through the zoo. If you happen to have kids, take them with you; chances, are, there will be loads of single moms there with their own kids. Animals can be a great conversation starter, rather than relying on the old standbys.

3. Boston Public Library
Consider yourself an intellectual? There’s no better place to meet a woman with similar interests than where all the great books are. Many branches of the Boston Public Library hold lectures and talks about a wide variety of subjects, which attract singles of all ages.

4. Boston Common and Area Parks
Taking a walk along the Common or paying a visit to the Public Garden not only allows you to appreciate beautiful scenery, you might encounter a beautiful person as well. If you’re a dog owner, a visit to one of the city’s many parks might help you find someone with similar interests who happens to have an adorable pooch as well.

5. College and University Classes
Have a thirst for knowledge that a few library lectures aren’t quenching? Take things to the next level by enrolling a course or two in a continuing education program at Boston University or Boston College. Re-visiting the student lifestyle means gatherings and parties of other students with similar interests.

6. Houses of Worship
Joining a church or synagogue can be spiritually fulfilling, and it can also introduce you to people who have similar values. Moreover, there are loads of things to get involved in, like charitable events, potluck dinners, and holiday gatherings where there will likely be single women looking for companionship.

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