The Three Principles of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine in Ajax ON, at its core, is medicine that focuses on dealing with an entire person, and not just their illness or their symptoms. It uses a more natural and holistic approach than the more clinical approach of medical doctors. Cures within homeopathy come from more natural sources, and less processed and chemical sources. Ultimately, the entire practice of homeopathy rests on three defining principles.

Let Likes Cure Likes
One of the most important aspects of homeopathy, and, in fact, where the word originally came from in Greek, is the idea that you should let likes cure likes. What that means is, each person has a different makeup and physical structure. Rather than basing a treatment just on the symptoms evidenced by a patient, homeopathy strives to treat that person with what best connects to them. Over years, the practice has developed thousands of treatments, each designed for individuals, with a thousand different factors that define them.

The Minimum Dose
Too much medicine can be an ill of its own. In using too much of a treatment for an illness, it’s possible to create such a significant side effect that the patient is in the same place wellness-wise as they were before, or even worse. Therefore, homeopathy tries to identify what the absolute minimum effective dose is for an issue, and not go any further. This sometimes involves using too little medicine to do anything, but it’s better to go small and step it up from there then to start off with too much of a drug and potentially harm the patient. This also means that homeopathy is safer to use with patients who have a higher susceptibility to harm, such as infants, the elderly, or those that are perpetually ill.

The Single Remedy.
Finally, there is the idea of the single remedy. Pretty simple, this means that the homeopathic doctor will never try more than one treatment at a time. By doing this, the doctor achieves multiple things. For one, they can focus directly on the outcomes of that particular treatment, and not have to discern which part of the treatment brought about the effective results. Furthermore, this prevents any sort of negative interaction between different treatments in the patient’s body. The single remedy makes certain that the actions that the doctor is taking are working as intended.

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