The Technology Of Same Day Crowns In Jacksonville Beach

You may not have heard that you now have an option to traditional crowns and this comes in the form of same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach. This revolutionary new procedure allows you to avoid all the hassle and time associated with traditional crowns and walk out of the dentist’s office with a brand new tooth on your very first visit.


How Crowns Traditionally Work
Typically people come into a dentist and are told that they need a crown because of a severely chipped, cracked or damaged tooth that cannot be repaired using any other option. The crown itself is just a replica of your natural tooth that covers the problem tooth, stopping any exposure of the nerve and any tooth pain.


With traditional crowns you first come into the dentist and a mold is made of your tooth. Then that mold, along with a digital computer image and an x-ray is sent to a lab and the actual crown is made and colored to match your existing teeth.


After the process is complete the crown is sent from the lab back to your dentist, you get a call, and you come in to have the crown placed in your mouth permanently. This process typically takes about 2 to 3 weeks and requires at least two visits.


How Same Day Crowns in Jacksonville Beach Work
A dentist offering same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach has specialized equipment and services and is able to actually create the crown in a matter of an hour or so. You can typically wait in the office for the crown to be made and matched to your tooth color and during this time the dentist can prepare your tooth for the crown.


The crown itself is actually produced through a highly advance computer system. The dentist offering same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach uses a specialized camera and imaging system to send information about your tooth and mouth to the computer that creates the custom crown right in the office.


The result is that with same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach you don’t have the wait or the time delay where you may experience some discomfort with the damaged tooth. In addition the same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach are comparable to the traditional crowns, definitely making them an option to consider.

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