The Steps During the Process of Garage Door Openers Replacement in Fort Myers

The garage door opener is one of the integral components of a garage door. It opens and closes the garage door. Garage door openers usually have a long lifespan. However, they may break down unexpectedly and may need to be replaced. To ensure that a garage door opener is replaced appropriately, it is essential to hire certified garage door technicians. Professionals know how a garage door opener functions and can ensure the replacement is done correctly. Here are the four key steps followed by professionals during Garage Door Openers Replacement Fort Myers.

Step 1: Removal of the old opener

During the initial stages of garage door opener replacement, the garage door technician will remove the existing opener. First, they will remove the bolt and nuts that secure the bracket to the garage door. They will then follow the bracket arm to where it affixes to the rail and use a ratchet and socket to remove the bolts and nuts.

Step 2: Removing the motor

To remove the motor, the professional will first remove safety sensors on both sides of the door and all wires that are attached to the motor. They will remove the rail from the header bracket before unbolting the garage door opener from the ceiling.

Step 3: Assembling the rail and installing the new motor

Some assembly is needed before installing the new motor. The professional will install the first rail and add sections connecting the couplers and bolts provided in the kit until the rail is complete. After the assembly, the end of the rail will be installed in the bracket that held the old opener. The new motor will also be installed in the same location as the old one.

Step 4: Wiring and Inspection

In this stage, the garage door technician at Garage Doors By Roy North Inc. will hook up the wiring from the unit to the push button, install new safety sensors, reattach the bracket to the rail, and test the new opener. They will examine the safety sensors to ensure they are aligned correctly.

These are the key steps followed during the process of Garage Door Openers Replacement Fort Myers. For more info about replacing a garage door opener and how to contact a professional, visit the website.

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