The Pros and Cons of Buying Eye Glasses in Fountain, CO

There is a constant debate going on when it comes to choosing Eye Glasses over contacts for everyday use. A lot of things go into choosing whether to wear contacts or eyeglasses. Things like your budget, lifestyle, comfort, convenience, and aesthetics have a lot to do with the choice that you make when it comes to wearing eyeglasses or contacts.


You do need to realize before deciding between the two that they are both good options. The decision to wear one over the other is totally a personal choice. Below you will find some of the pros and cons of choosing eye glasses in Fountain CO over contacts.


Eyeglass Pros


1. Wearing Eye Glasses in Fountain CO, reduces the need to touch your eyes. This, in turn, reduces your risk of causing an eye irritation that can easily lead to eye infections as well.
2. If you have sensitive or dry eyes, contacts may make the problem worse, glasses will not.
3. Eye glasses are usually cheaper than contacts are and you do not have to replace them as often, unless you break them, of course.
4. Frames are fashionable, and you can flaunt your own personal style with glasses. You cannot with contacts.
5. Glasses do give you some protection from dust, debris, and the elements.


Eyeglass Cons


1. Eyeglasses can distort your peripheral vision as they sit a little away from your eyes.
2. Some people feel that they are ugly with glasses on and refuse to wear them. This is where contacts really come in handy
3. If you have a prescription that is really strong, your glasses may be thick, heavy, and cumbersome looking.
4. Your eyeglasses can be affected by the elements, such as rain and fog. Your vision can easily be blurred if you are not careful.
5. Some frames can cause pressure and even give you headaches.


These are a few of the pros and cons to wearing eyeglasses over contacts. You should weigh them carefully before making any type of decision, and make sure your eyes are capable of handling contacts as well. The choice is personal, and one that you need to make.
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