The Pros and Cons of Attending Law School In Orange County

Lawyers and politicians have one thing in common: people may say that they hate all of the others, but they love their own. A lawyer can go to court, stand next to his client and learn that he’s won the case and restored his client’s life and freedom. That evening, the same lawyer can go to a party and listen to at least half a dozen lawyer jokes. That’s a little bit of the dichotomy of being a lawyer.

The Pros

1. The money is good. The median annual salary is over $110,000, but many earn well over a million. Of course, some earn much less, but the potential is there.
2. That JD will be of value in many other professions. It demonstrates that a difficult choice was completed successfully. Knowledge of the law is always valuable.
3. People need lawyers when they have problems and need help solving them. Few other professionals have the immediate impact on someone’s life as a lawyer. Whether the problem is criminal, family, business or involves any other legal specialty, someone’s life and well-being is affected.
4. Being a lawyer is one of the most intellectually challenging careers on the planet. Whether it involves trial strategy, large business mergers or dealing with a family matter, out-of-the-box thinking is needed.

The Cons

1. It’s a hard job. The hours will be long and the stress factor is very high. Client demands, changing laws and many other factors combine to make being a lawyer one of the most difficult jobs in the world.
2. It takes a lot of self-discipline to combine the requirements of the career with the needs of a family.
3. Most lawyers graduate from law school with a mountain of debt. Those who choose to attend
4. Law School In Orange County
5. on a part-time basis, usually at night, may take a year longer to get their JD but it costs them less.
6. It’s a very competitive job market. Part-time students are actually in a better position to deal with this, as many of them have jobs while attending law school. Although these jobs are not the jobs of choice, this still gives them a bit more stability while looking for a job after graduation.

Attending law school is a large commitment of time and money, but the potential rewards are equally large. Anyone interested in learning more about attending Law School In Orange County can discover this info here.

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