The Process of Installing the French Drains in Wakefield, MA

Wet basements are a major issue. Ignoring the problem won’t make the water disappear. If it is ignored, mold can find a foothold in the basement. Since mold is a health hazard, the moisture must be stopped. While there are many ways to do this, one of the most common ways is with the use of the french drain. The french drain helps to direct the water away from the home. These are the basic steps in the installation process.

One of the first steps in the installation process of the french drains in Wakefield MA is to dig out the foundation area around the home. This does require some heavy equipment depending on how hard the soil is and the space allotted for this task. If the homes are really close together, and the soil is soft, this might be done by hand. The hole will be dug down to the depth of the basement.

After the holes are dug, the french drains in Wakefield MA are added. Stones and rock are laid at the bottom. This provides the support system for the piping to lay on. It also helps to provide further drainage away from the foundation. The piping is laid on top of this base. The pipes are designed to have holes where the water can flow into.

Before the hole is covered for the pipes in the french drains in Wakefield MA, the system is checked to make sure that is sloped properly. Since the drain works on a gravity type of system, the piping must be sloped downward to the place where the water will wind up. After the slope and piping are checked for proper installation and the lines are hooked up, the trench is covered back up. Then additional landscaping can be added afterward to restore the curb appeal of the home.

The beauty of the french drain is that it starts working right after it is fully installed. There is also nothing that you need to do to the system to get it operational. For more information on the system and how to get it added to your home, contact Drycrete Waterproofing.

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