The Process Behind Florida Bail Bonds

Florida Bail Bonds are often secured as a way to get out of jail quickly. They let the person go back to their lives and continue to support themselves until the hearings are completed. However, many people don’t understand the bail bond process. Below are the basic steps involved in the bonding process.

* The Person is arrested and receives a bail amount – Once a person is arrested, they’ll be given a bail amount. This amount needs to be paid in full for them to be released from jail, but they can refuse to pay it and instead remain in jail.

* A family member secures a bond – If the person cannot afford the full bail amount, a friend or family member can secure a bond for them. The person will need to agree to all the terms and either pay 10% of the bail amount or give the bondsman collateral to cover the entire bail amount.

* A bondsman pays the bail – Once the bond is secured, the bondsman goes to the jail and pays the bail amount in full. The person should be released within a few hours though it can take a little bit longer if the jail is busy. This can be done anytime, day or night.

* Bond terms are completed – As long as the person attends all hearings, the bond terms are completed once the final hearing is finished. The bondsman will receive the bail back. If the person secured the bond with cash, the 10% paid is considered a fee and no further money is owed. If the person used collateral, they will receive the collateral back again but may need to pay a service fee.

There may be a different ending if the person doesn’t complete the terms of the bond. This can be explained by the bondsman before the bond is secured. This is the process for obtaining most bail bonds though the details can differ depending on the circumstances. Always ask any questions about Florida bail bonds before obtaining one. If you need a bail bond today, call at (305) 642-1986 for more information or to secure the bond as quickly as possible.

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