The Possibility of Central Air Conditioner Installation in Toledo OH for a House Without Ductwork

Central air conditioner installation in Toledo OH may seem impossible if the house doesn’t have any ducts. This is the case in many older homes that have a boiler for radiant heat, a central heat source such as an oil or wood stove, or an under-floor furnace. It does cost a significant amount of money to have ducts installed compared with adding a central air unit to a forced-air furnace system. Nevertheless, homeowners may truly long for that cool air coming through the vents throughout the summer. In addition, having the equipment installed increases the value of the home and its potential for a faster sale in the future. In the 21st Century, people have come to view central air conditioning as a must-have instead of a luxury feature.

A contractor such as A1 Heating & Home Improvement evaluates the house to see where duct pipes could be placed. In a one-story home with a basement, the job is relatively easy, as the pipes can be installed downstairs and vents cut into floors in the rooms. In a multi-story house, the contractor typically hides pipes in first-floor closets wherever possible and then connects them with vents cut into the upstairs floor. Another option is to add ceiling vents for the first floor by cutting holes in second-story closets. Electrical wiring will need to be upgraded and an additional circuit breaker installed. The job is labor intensive, but it usually is not as messy as a homeowner might worry about. Click here if you’re considering adding central air to a house with ductwork.

Central Air Conditioner Installation in Toledo OH will provide more energy efficiency than window models and should actually cost less in electricity. It will still be difficult to recoup the upfront cost of the unit and the labor, so homeowners should look at the project as one that increases their comfort and satisfaction with the house. Many people have difficulty sleeping in an excessively warm bedroom, for instance. Their sleep may be disrupted for much of the summer. They may not enjoy their time in the house during hot days and weeks because the temperature is so uncomfortable.


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