The Numerous Benefits Of Sliding Windows

Although horizontal sliding windows have been around for a long time they were never popular. The wood frames were heavy and they frequently bound up in wooden glide slots. This is no longer the case, sliding windows in Chicago are now among the most popular windows chosen by homeowners for both new installations and replacements. There are very good reasons for this, lets have a look at s few of them.

  • Ease of maintenance: Sliding windows have very few moving parts, little more than a couple of rollers that glide in a track, the same cannot be said for other types of windows that rely on pulleys and springs. This simple design reduces the risk of failure and mechanical complications.

  • Simple to operate: As you are not fighting the effects of gravity, sliding windows in Chicago are very simple to operate. It is a simple as releasing the locking latch and slide the movable sash to the side. It is just as simple to close, slide the sash back into position and lock it; it is really a one-handed operation and is perfect when installed over the kitchen sink for example.

  • Lots of light: One noticeable feature of sliding windows id the fact that they use lots of glass and less frame, this simply means that you can enjoy more natural light during the day.

  • Versatile: As this window design does not project in or out the installation of window treatments such as blinds, drapes and curtains is far easier.

  • Cost effective: Because of the simple design and construction, sliding windows in Chicago are among the most cost effective windows available, this is not only true when you first purchase them but as they are low maintenance they continue to be cost effective over the years.

It stands to reason that windows that project into walkways or the patio are not a good idea as they can be a hazard to people moving in the area. Sliding windows are the perfect solution; they take no more space than the wall itself.

There are many great reasons why sliding windows in Chicago make a great deal of sense. To get more detailed information on sliding windows you are invited to call Supreme Windows & Exteriors. Follow us on twitter.

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