The New You Through Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause/Andropause and Natural Hormones

Menopause and andropause, as troubling physically as they are with many uncomfortable side effects for women and men, it is considered natural and something we all have to go through. Lessened hormone production is the reason why women go through menopause and men can experience andropause. But when we talk about natural hormone replacement therapy, it means the substance must be identical to the hormones which the human body produces. Natural hormone replacement can entail estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, and dehydroepiandosterone or DHEA. Natural hormones aren’t derived from synthetic means, they are very effective, safe, and are free from side effects which can be experienced with many synthetic hormones.

Attributes of Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

The main goal of introducing natural hormone replacement therapy is to provide relief from many of the symptoms which are caused by the decrease in hormone production, and to help bring the body back to its normal hormonal balance. Natural hormone therapy is designed not to interrupt the body’s natural hormone processes, which will eliminate most of the unwanted effects and long term risks of using traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapies. Natural hormone replacement therapy provides the following mental and physical attributes:

•  promotes fat burning for energy
•  improves memory and concentration
•  eliminates or greatly reduces hot flashes
•  protects against osteoporosis and loss of bone mass
•  protects against heart disease
•  prevents vaginal dryness and thinning walls
•  helps to balance mood
•  enhances sexual drive
•  helps with insomnia
•  protects the heart, the breasts, and the sexual organs of men and women.

Natural Hormonal Designed Programs

Keeping the hormonal balance normal within the body is vital to our lives because the endocrine system, or the hormone system, is tied to the body’s nervous and immune systems. Natural hormone replacement in Los Angeles is tailed for you and brings immediate results. An individualized dietary plan is designed with nutritional supplements and natural hormone replacement prescribed and administered to fit each person’s specific needs. Every male and female is different; therefore a custom designed natural hormone replacement therapy is created to fit their body’s hormonal system, which is determined by a thorough physical examination and a complete lifestyle history.

Your New Life Begins at MetroMD Institute

Natural hormone replacement therapy programs can help women feel and look better. Knowing natural hormones are being utilized which are identical to the ones produced by the body results in no unexpected side effects. The MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine offers a full, specialized range of hormonal therapy and many advanced regenerative procedures. All the services are FDA approved and are administered by experienced and knowledgeable medical staff. The goal of each treatment is to make you feel and look healthier.

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