The Most Sought After Security Solutions For Large and Small Corporate Networks

Most companies rely on the internet to conduct business on a day to day basis. While the internet can enable business owners to make more money, it also comes with a wide array of potential security threats that can jeopardize the long term viability of a company. Business owners who don’t take internet and network security seriously are setting themselves up for a slew of problems in the future. The best way to combat the problem is to be proactive and put Security Solutions in place before trouble can strike. Here are the top three technologies companies use to keep their company and employees safe from malicious hackers.

Server Firewalls
A server houses a great deal of proprietary information about a business, and can also be used to store financial and demographic information of customers. If a person is able to gain access to a server all of this data will become compromised. A security threat of this nature can cause customers to lose faith in a company and create a litany of legal issues.

Wireless Network Encryption
One of the most common Security Solutions deployed by companies is wireless network encryption. Preventing individuals from being able to access a wireless network is the first step in keeping unauthorized users away from company servers. Anyone who joins a wireless network can gain access to the heart of a company’s IT infrastructure and cause damage that can leave the business floundering to survive.

Anti-Virus Software
Network and computer viruses are one of the most annoying and common security threats. Not only can they completely ruin a computer, but they can also transmit and delete data. It can take the most seasoned IT experts days or even weeks to repair the damage caused by a virus. This can leave a company without the ability to operate, which leads to lost business and a major decline in customer confidence.

Don’t wait to secure a business network. The team at Envision Network Solutions can conduct an audit of any size company’s security features and determine what upgrades should be deployed to ensure protection. Contact them today to learn more about the security options they provide, and how they can give any business owner peace of mind.

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