The Modern Church and You: a Growing Faith

Church, whether you are Catholic, Presbyterian, or Episcopalian, evokes a sense of formality, a standard by which all rules are implemented and followed. And while this may have been an accurate impression in years gone by, modern churches are anything but their stuffy past counterparts. Their faith is intertwined with a sense of community and a desire to welcome all to their services.

Old St. Mary’s Catholic church in Detroit is one of these churches. Located in Greektown, the church was initially built because German Catholics didn’t have enough space for their growing parish. They persuaded one of their own to design the church, and thus, in 1885, Old St. Mary’s was constructed. Since then the church has been going strong. In 2015, the church was chosen for an event called a Mass Mob. 1200 attendees arrived for mass on Sunday, packing the building past capacity.

Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Detroit also offers a calendar of events going on throughout the year. Their latest offering consists of mass, a church tour, and tea, an event to educate others on the church’s 184-year history. The tours can accommodate 15-50 people at a time, and tea and sweets are offered after a lecture on the church’s history and activity.

The Events calendar is teeming with other activities throughout the month, such as daily mass, holy day masses if one such day happens to appear during the month, meals for the homeless, and weddings. Old St. Mary’s is Detroit’s third-oldest Catholic church, but the church has also managed to preserve not only its building but itself as well. The church is very connected to the community surrounding it while remaining faithful to its values and tradition. The parish creates a space for faithful worshippers while opening its arms to new members, inviting them to explore the historical significance and architecture of Old St. Mary’s.

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