The Many Tasks Of Roofers

Roofers work on new structures under construction as well as older homes and business properties. If he is tasked to work on a new home he will install the entire roof, using the type of shingle that has been specified by the owner, the architect or the contractor. If the Lisle roofers are called upon to work on existing roofs he will be expected to make repairs or, if the home is 25 or 30 years old, it may be necessary to replace the entire roofing material.

Of all the tasks associated with roofing perhaps the most difficult is when it needs totally replaced. The old roof must be removed and in many cases there are structural members that have rotted over the years and need replacing as well.

Lisle roofers can install all different kinds of roof surfaces. The most common for residential applications is asphalt shingles although many homes use metal sheets or wood shakes. In the past copper and slate were used but as a result of the high material cost and the need for specialized skills, these materials are rarely used anymore. A roofer must not be intimidated by heights but must be on guard at all times as the job is quite dangerous.

Depending on the size of the construction company the roofer may be an employee, in other cases, especially for repair, the roofer either owns an independent company or is employed by one.

There are differences between residential roofing and commercial building roofing. A traditional residential home has a pitched roof and uses shingles that overlap. A commercial building on the other hand normally has a flat roof or one with a very shallow slope, the roof covering is quite different. The roof on a commercial building is a rubber membrane that is installed in large rolls or sheets, the seams are bonded to form an integral surface. Once the membrane has been installed an aggregate, pea gravel or cinder, is applied using tar as the binder. It is more difficult to repair this type of roof than it is when only individual shingles need repair or replacement.

Although Lisle roofers have the skills that are needed to install any type of roof they are also called upon at times to undertake carpentry work. This often happens when the roofer is faced with replacing the roof on an older building, one where the rafter and joists may be rotted. In the event the damage is too great a general contractor will often be called upon to replace the entire structure before the roofers go back and install the roof covering.

The best Lisle roofers can build new, repair or replace roofs on both residential homes and commercial properties. Discuss your roofing needs with the professionals at Showalter Roofing Service, Inc.

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