The Many Services Offered by a Fireplaces Contractor in St. Paul MN

A fireplace is a great way to heat a home and acts as a gathering spot for those who live there and may be visiting. Other than regular cleaning, most fireplaces do not require a great deal of maintenance in order to remain operational. While most will provide years of worry free service, there may be times when problems arise and require the service of a Fireplaces Contractor in St. Paul MN. Not having a fireplace serviced at the first sign of trouble can lead to smoke damage and even cause a house fire to break out. Here are a few services they provide that can keep any fireplace operating safely and efficiently.

Hearth Repair

The hearth of a fireplace helps to protect the flooring in a home by acting as a buffer in the event that embers fall out of the fire pit. If bricks become lose it can cause cracks to form that, create dangerous holes for embers to collect in. If enough embers are allowed to collect it can lead to a house fire. Let a fireplace expert repair any cracked or broken brickwork and keep a hearth operating safely.

Chimney Liner Replacement

Another common service provided by a Fireplaces Contractor in St. Paul MN is chimney liner replacement. Most chimneys are lined with a metal product that helps to maintain an open escape path for smoke and prevent a build-up of soot from occurring. After years of use, the metal will deteriorate and cause the liner to stop offering the same level of protection. Having it replaced will keep a fireplace free from fire producing blockages and ensure smoke is ventilated properly.

Fireplace Inserts

If a fireplace is in major disrepair it may be time to have an insert installed. A wood stove can be positioned in the fireplace opening and utilize the existing chimney with the aid of a stove pipe for ventilation. This allows a space to have the ambient heat of a fire without the expense associated with having a fireplace reconstructed. Not taking fireplace repairs seriously can lead to disaster. Let the fireplace professionals at The Fire Place Guys help keep any size or type fire place operating safely and efficiently. Call today or visit  to learn more about the services they provide. One call can be the first step in keeping a space comfortable all winter long.

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