The Many Benefits Of Using Textile Wallcoverings

Many homeowners and commercial property owners and managers are moving towards the use of textile wallcoverings. This type of wallcovering enriches any interior through a fantastic range of colors, patterns and textures and it does so without reducing the durability.

Functional features of textile wallcoverings:

There are numerous functional values associated with textile wallcovering regardless of whether it is used in the home or commercial setting, including its ability to deaden sound, improve the insulation of the space, durability, easy maintenance and longevity.


Walls have hard surfaces; this increases the echo in the room as well as a tendency to amplify the sound. Any space that is considered to be “acoustically active” is one which enhances noise; in the majority of residential and commercial spaces this is undesirable, this is true for those with excellent hearing but is equally disturbing for those who have a hearing impairment.

Textile wallcoverings are one solution to effective sound control and distribution. Many spaces that pride themselves with having perfect acoustics have found that the typical three dimensional textile tends to upset the sound, making it far easier to control, limiting the tendency to echo or transmit to adjacent spaces.


Textile wallcoverings are beneficial in managing the temperature of a room. When the walls have been covered with textile material it helps considerably to control heat transfer as well as infiltration of cold air into the room. Not only do textile wallcoverings have a technical advantage, they also have a visual advantage through the use of both texture and color. Texture can be thought of as either warm or friendly, as wallcoverings are often the dominate feature of a space the color has a very strong influence on the occupant.


Textile wallcoverings are somewhat costly to purchase as well as install; even so, as they play a significant role in energy use through their superior insulation qualities there will be significant savings in energy costs over the long run. As textile wallcoverings are by nature very durable, there are fewer reasons for the material to be changed frequently. As the material has a long life expectancy it can easily pay for itself through lower energy costs.

As well as durability, the longevity of any wallcovering has a great deal to do with making wise aesthetic choices in the first place; there are many time-tested textile wallcoverings that will not lose their appeal after a short period of time.

Textile wallcoverings have numerous advantages including thermal insulation, sound deadening and long term economy. If you are looking for beatify yet innovative textile wallcoverings you are invited to contact Maya Romanoff Corporation.

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