The Many Benefits Of A Ford Transit Van

The first Ford Transit vans hit the streets of America in 2015; they replaced the aging Econoline series. In the two short years that the Transit series has been available, this Ford van in Oak Lawn has captured an astounding 57 percent market share. With those kinds of numbers it is safe to say that America likes what the Transit has to give.

Why so popular?

The popularity of the Transit van is due to the fact that it is amongst the most versatile vans available. There are so many variants that this Ford van in Oak Lawn can be used for just about any type of business from delivering flowers to a mobile workshop. The Transit is available in three height options, even the medium height option will comfortably accommodate a person well over six feet tall, this means you can swing around, grab your tools and walk right through and out the back door. To top it off, with a payload capacity of 4500 pounds you can fit it out with shelving, workbenches and plenty of tools.

Engine options:

Just as the van body is available in a number of different variants, so is the engine. The standard engine is a 3.7L, 275 HP V6 but this Ford Van in Oak Lawn can also be purchased with a 310 HP V6 or a super economical 185 HP diesel. All Transit vans have a six speed transmission as standard and rear wheel drive.

Innovation has always been a Ford trademark:

The Transit van is not short on innovative features that are all designed to make your job easier. Perhaps the feature that is most appreciated is the 230 degree opening rear doors.
All that is needed to open the doors is a small lever; they unlock and swing completely out of the way. No other van on the market is so easy to access.

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