The Life Of The Company

Every business has a history, history of corporations can work to put them on the map both figuratively and literally. Each company has a unique story to tell. The life of a company is much like the life of the people that work there. There are ups and downs, acquisitions and sales, changes in policy and other events that create the culture of a company. People in general like to know more about who they are doing business with. Framing your company as something that has a life and recognizing the achievements, changes and even the failings throughout the history makes the company seem more human!

Recording the History

Every company should have an archival record of how their company has evolved, not only for human interest but for the lessons that have been learned and for a record of how the culture of the company of the business came to be. Recording the history of the company is important not for just now but for the future.  Expert help comes in handy!

Who Is your Business?

The history of your company can tell people where it came from, share anecdotes about the founders and tell them who your business is. Historical information can reveal quite a bit about a business and can help to:

   * Further interest in the business
   * Help to mold the future of the company culture
   * Help to market and brand the business
   * Provide insightful information and motivation to employees

Everyone has a story, every business has a story, when stories are shared it gets people interested. It makes people feel more connected to your business when you put a story to it. It can help to mold the future of your company culture.

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