The LASIK Procedure: What You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered how exactly LASIK enables people to experience new and clear vision? First, it is important to understand how light enters the eye and allows you to see. Light is absorbed and delivered through the cornea, lens, and finally reflects onto your retina. If you have trouble seeing clearly, this is likely caused by a type of refractive error, when the cornea is shaped incorrectly. Light does not refract onto the retina correctly. LASIK in Barrington has become a popular method to correcting vision issues through a few steps.

Measuring Your Eye

Determining the measurements of your eyes is the first step to achieving a new vision. Consult with your eye doctor to schedule an evaluation where your cornea will be studied to see how well it refracts light. The pupil size and shape and thickness of your cornea are also considered. After determining if you are can be a candidate for the LASIK surgery, a plan can be created for doctors to follow during the procedure.

Creating Your Corneal Flap

An eye doctor will begin the procedure by folding back your corneal flap. Then the reshaping of your cornea is ready to begin.

Reshaping Your Cornea

In today’s advanced world of technology, eye doctors are able to use the most innovative tools and perform LASIK surgery within minutes. A high-end laser can be used to reshape your cornea with great precision to enhance your results. Usually only a piece of tissue the thickness of a strand of hair needs to be removed. The corneal flap that was created connects to the tissue. This will eliminate the need for stitches, leading to a smooth recovery.

Eyes often experience refractive errors, but procedures such as LASIK can help to correct your vision. Within minutes, you can have new vision and not even notice that you have had a surgery.

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