The Invisible Way To Align Your Teeth

As of the turn of the century there is more than one way to straighten teeth. Prior to the introduction of Invisalign aligners, a dentist was forced into using metal brackets and wires that, through constant tension on teeth, eventually moved them into the desired position. Metal braces can be painful and require constant adjusting.

Today, Invisalign in Lincoln Park eliminates all the reasons not to straighten your teeth. As the name of the product implies, Invisalign is virtually invisible when worn. Invisalign is a system, it utilizes a series of clear plastic trays that look somewhat like a mouth guard used by those playing contact sports. Each tray in the system is slightly different, every two weeks one tray is removed and the next in the series is used; two weeks later it happens again. Each tray slowly moves teeth without any need to return to the dentist for on-going adjustments.

The many benefits of Invisalign:

When you opt for Invisalign to straighten your teeth your ability to speak, eat and perform daily dental hygiene is not impaired, all the while slowly working towards giving you the perfect smile. There are many befits that Invisalign has to offer:

  • Comfortable: Invisalign is made from smooth plastic; the trays are far more comfortable than metal brace. Invisalign does not chafe the inside of your mouth as they are all custom made to fit exactly.
  • Oral maintenance: Brushing and flossing with metal braces are used is extremely difficult and often patients will experience decay. Invisalign, trays are easy to remove for brushing and flossing and while out, the tray can be cleaned with no more than running water. With Invisalign your teeth and gums will stay healthy.
  • Eat what you want: One of the worst parts of braces is the limitations that are placed on your diet. A lot of your favorite foods are on the “no go” list. There is no problem when you use Invisalign to straighten your teeth, just remove the tray and go ahead and eat what you want. It is important to remember however that your trays must be in at least 22 hours every day.

And best of all, Invisalign in Lincoln Park are truly invisible; you can go about your day without any fear of embarrassment. Within 12 to 14 months your teeth will be perfectly straight and you will have a smile to be proud of.

Invisalign has many real benefits when compared to traditional metal braces. If you are interested in knowing more about Invisalign in Lincoln Park you are invited to make an appointment with Chicago Smile Design.

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