The Importance of Turf Maintenance in McLean, VA

Turf Maintenance in McLean VA is more important than some vanity project. In fact, healthy turf is a benefit to the overall outdoor environment and the usability of outdoor spaces. Read on to find out about turf care services and why they are so essential.

Reduce Erosion

Healthy turf maintains a deep root system, which helps to prevent erosion and runoff. Runoff control is essential for maintaining landscaping and preventing structural damage to nearby hardscaping features and buildings. Without adequate turf maintenance, any sloped outdoor surface will be more likely to become eroded, leaving the area prone to mudslides and other unpleasant problems.

Water Purification

Turf doesn’t just hold dirt in place. It also helps to purify the water that would otherwise be carrying it off by filtering dirt and particulate matter before it reaches the subsurface groundwater. This helps to keep the overall environment healthy and liveable.

Improve Health

With adequate Turf Maintenance in McLean VA, lawns can also be a benefit to the health of residents or visitors to property. Each year turf traps over 12 million tons of particulate matter like dust, allowing people to breath easier. This is particularly helpful in urban environments.

Keep Properties Cool

Grass keeps yards cool, making the space more pleasant for human and animal inhabitants during the hotter months. This effect can even help property owners reduce their energy bills in the summer.

Providing Adequate Care

There’s more to providing adequate turf care than raking up leaves and periodically mowing the lawn. Turf requires specific moisture levels and soil nutrients in order to remain healthy, and unhealthy lawns can become more prone to pests, weeds, and diseases. Be sure to choose a maintenance company that is able to responsibly apply fertilizers and other nutrients, pesticides, and herbicides.

Custom Services

Each lawn is a little bit different, which is why it’s always best to hire a professional to provide care. Premier Turf Farms is a family-owned company that has been in the business of supplying and caring for turf for over a decade. Customers can trust them to provide professional quality turf care at reasonable prices and can find out more about these valuable services online today.

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