The Importance Of Truck Wheel Alignment

Month after month, expensive tires used on semi tractors and trailers find their way to the scrap heap; rarely are the tires at fault, more often than not the problem lies with wheel alignment and balancing.

Common problems:

Tire problems can usually be traced back to problems with misalignment, poorly maintained suspension or poorly maintained steering components. Those who perform truck repair in Bridgeview often see broken or bent suspension parts, failed shocks, out of balance wheels and tires that are improperly inflated.

Every one of these problems can and will cause unique wear patterns on the tire tread. As any fleet manager can tell you, it is a lot cheaper in the long run to fix the problem than it is to replace expensive tires long before their time.

Alignment and tire inflation:

A very common reason for truck repair in Bridgeview is poor wheel alignment and incorrect tire inflation. Of course, a lot depends on a number of unique situations but poor alignment can easily knock a full 30 percent off the life of a tire. Although an alignment costs money as well, it is far short of the cost of replacing very expensive truck tires.

Alignment problems are out of the hands of the operator; this is not the case with tire pressure. All tires need to be kept at the recommended inflation but unfortunately this can often be missed on the inside duals on the tractor and trailer.

Other problems:

It is not just alignment that causes premature tire failure; bad roads, improperly loaded trailers and operator behavior also play a roll. Tires don’t go out of alignment by themselves; there is always an underlying reason. Suspension problems, steering geometry, component failure all can play a part but, before blaming the tire have the front end looked at, there could be a need for truck repair in Bridgeview.

Truck repair in Bridgeview is something that must be carried out by highly skilled truck and RV specialists. If you need front end work on your rig you are invited to take it into Wilrae, Inc. Visit them online at

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