The Importance of the Screw Conveyor in Texas Industry

If your Texas business has the need to move raw materials from one area to another, a screw conveyor may be the best option. In fact, screw conveyors are sometimes overlooked as a viable option, and this can be a huge mistake for the business owner. Here is a look at the many benefits screw conveyors provide.

Problems with Belt Conveyors and Bulk Materials
Belt conveyors are used in a wide range of applications, and they function very well. However, when moving bulk material, it’s possible to spill a great deal in the transfer process. This can be a major problem at the end of the conveyor system as material builds up over time.

Spillage can cause problems with belt conveyor pulleys as they can become clogged. This can lead to maintenance issues and downtime, which can greatly affect efficiency. However, there is a better solution for Texas industry today, and it involves using the screw conveyor.

How do Screw Conveyors Work?
A screw conveyor works on a simple principle. If you place a long auger inside of an enclosed channel, material inside will naturally be pushed through the channel. This uncomplicated principle provides many advantages to Texas businesses today.

Benefits of Screw Conveyors
You can buy these conveyors with completely enclosed systems. For example, you may need to move material from a batch mixing facility into a processing area, and this can be across two different buildings or structures. A totally enclosed screw conveyor will protect your materials from all kinds of Texas weather. Also, this eliminates the possibility of contaminants getting into your raw materials.

Screw conveyors can handle many kinds of bulk materials. This can include dry and semi-liquid materials.
When you compare this option to other types of conveyors, you may find a large difference in price. This makes the screw conveyor, a cost effective option in Texas.

With the addition of slide gates, materials can be discharged and introduced at some points along a system. This allows for your bulk materials to be utilized at several locations.

Your screw conveyor in Texas can be designed to perform mixing and chopping duties. This can greatly increase your efficiency.

Screw feeder conveyors can be used to provide a specific amount of materials by delivering product from a bin or hopper.

Less space is required with screw conveyors. For example, there is no need for a return that is required on drag and belt conveyors. Also, these systems can be used horizontally, vertically or at an incline. This makes the screw conveyor, one of the most versatile options for Texas businesses.

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