The Importance of Stock Aluminum Extrusions

Stock aluminum extrusions are important for many businesses. Depending on your needs, you might require one inch, two inch or three inch extruded rectangular bar, or maybe extruded round bar in 12 foot sections. Here is information on standard extruded aluminum, to help you make an informed decision.

Extruded or Rolled
If you are looking for bar stock, there are basically two choices, extruded or rolled. So, which is best? It depends on your business. If you need parts like frames, extrusion may serve you well. Extrusions may be round, square or many other shapes. Extruded aluminum also may have hollow areas, ledges, lips, and other properties important for creating a number of products.

Extrusion is normally limited to sizes in smaller diameters. For very large materials like enormous I-beams, the rolling process may be better suited. During rolling, materials are passed through rollers to give them their shape. However, rollers cannot produce intricate designs like extrusion. Also, the rolling process is more labor intensive than extrusion, which can affect the cost of materials.

To Cut or Not Cut Stock Aluminum Extrusions
Maybe your business requires short pieces cut to an exact specification. It is possible to use your own equipment to saw or cut. However, extremely tight tolerances require very expensive and specialized equipment for making cuts within .005 of an inch or so. In fact, investing in this kind of equipment can be a risky venture, and there is no need to do so.

The best extrusion specialists provide precision sawing services. Ordering pre-cut sections from a top supplier can greatly increase efficiency by saving a lot of time, money, and labor. In fact, the money spent for these services can be one of your best investments.

6061 or 2024 Extrusions
The most commonly used alloy for extrusion is 6061. 2024 should not be considered if parts or components are to be welded. However, you will receive excellent strength from 2024 extrusion alloy. 2024 is a good choice for auto or machine parts too. 6061 is superior for many kinds of frames, especially those requiring welds.

The Right Source
Perhaps the most important factor to consider when shopping stock aluminum extrusions, is your supplier. Top suppliers have high quality materials and great customer service. If you have any doubt as to which materials to use, contact your supplier and the helpful and experienced staff will provide personal attention.

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