The Importance of Solar Eclipse Eye Protection

Many people are getting exciting about the solar eclipse coming in 2017. In fact, time passes so quickly, the day will be upon us before you know it. You could try to make your eclipse viewer, and it may be a fun project. However, if you want to get a great view of a very rare event, you should consider buying eclipse eye protection designed to give you the best results.

The Problem with Do It Yourself Eclipse Viewers

Many people choose to use the “pinhole” method for viewing the eclipse. This can be done with cardboard boxes or paper plates. The idea is to project the image of the sun through the pinhole and onto a piece of paper or cardboard. Although it is safe when done properly, it must be done as per directions to ensure eye safety.

A pinhole projector may let you view the solar eclipse. However, the image might not be clear, and you may end up disappointed. In fact, your pinhole projector may not work at all. There is no reason to go through all the trouble and frustration of making your eclipse eye protection when you can buy affordable viewers that greatly enhance the experience.

Number 14 Welding Glass

If you happen to have a pair of Number 14 welding glass goggles on hand, they will provide good eclipse eye protection. However, most people are not welders, so they do not have them handy. You can buy your welding goggles to view the eclipse, but you will have little use for them in between solar eclipse events (which can be many years).

Solar eclipse glasses made with welding glass lenses are available, but they are sometimes very expensive. After all, do you want to pay as much as $30 or more for a pair of eclipse glasses? Also, you cannot use them as sunglasses because the lenses are too dark, so these special glasses will spend most of the time sitting on a shelf or inside of a drawer.

Inexpensive Eclipse Eye Protection

It does not cost much money to buy quality eclipse eye protection for under a dollar each. In fact, you can order as many as you need for an entire party or event, and you can have them custom printed for your business or special event. These glasses are lightweight and very durable. Plus, they are inexpensive enough to be disposable. There is no reason to make your viewers or spend too much money.

If you are looking for affordable solar eclipse eye protection, come to American Paper Optics. We offer several styles of viewers and glasses which can be customized to your needs. To check out our available products, see us on the Web today at

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