The Importance Of Regular Dental Appointments

The importance of regular dental appointments cannot be stressed enough, people are being reminded of this regularly; hardly a day goes by when there are not ads on TV or in magazines that emphasize this, however, rarely is the reason for this given. The ADA (American Dental Association) encourages everyone to make an appointment with their South Loop dentists twice a year for a check-up and professional cleaning. For those people that are considered “high risk” the dentist will want to see them more frequently.

The main reason for frequent dental visits is to ensure that teeth are maintained properly and that the oral cavity is healthy. Although most people clean their teeth at home a dental hygienist can do a far better job. The hygienist has tools at his or her disposal that are not available to the patient; these tools are designed to remove all evidence of plaque and tartar buildup on and around the teeth. During the session the hygienist can suggest ways that you can improve your cleaning and flossing routine.

The majority of tooth problems do not become evident until the problem is quite advanced, only then will there be visible evidence or pain. Serious problems are irreversible, if the issue is not attended to early the South Loop dentists may have to revert to an extraction or a root canal. When you see your dentist regularly any small problems can be seen and “nipped in the bud.” Your dentist will subject any area of concern to X-Rays and visual examination, if there are areas of concern the dentist can rectify the problem long before it becomes critical.

Regular dental visits can help avoid any high risk infections. Cavities are visually unattractive, painful as well as potentially dangerous. It takes little for serious infection in a tooth to spread and enter the blood, if left unattended this in turn can lead to septicemia which can ultimately lead to death. Early detection of decay will save you time, money and agony as well as what can turn out to be, serious problems.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that many people fear the dentist. For patients that find that even the thoughts of a dental appointment cause stress and anxiety the dentist can employ one of a number of forms of conscious sedation. When you are given an oral sedative prior to getting in the chair or the dentist subjects you to nitrous oxide your visit to the dentist will go without a hitch.

To ensure good dental health it is extremely important that you see the South Loop dentists regularly. You are invited to make an early appointment with the dentists at The Art of Modern Dentistry.

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