The Importance of Electromechanics in the 21st Century

The electro mechanical assembly has long been an important part of our daily lives. It’s a relatively new technology but has brought about major changes in the world today. Even though we live in an automated age where things are “high-tech” and microprocessors control a wide range of things, electromechanics is still going strong. Let’s explore this issue a little closer, to get a better appreciation of this important technology.

The Power of Electrified Magnets

In 1820, Hans Orsted connected wires from a battery (that was located near a compass) and the world has not been the same. He noticed that the electricity made the compass move. This meant that electricity flowing through a conductor created a magnetic current. This was not an electro mechanical assembly, but it would not be long before they came into being.

Electromagnets All Around Us

When you awaken in the morning, you may hear music from your clock radio. Electronic circuitry is filled with electrified magnets and other components. In fact, just about every electronic and electrical device has some kind of electromagnets.

Your washing machine, clothes dryer, microwave oven, and many other appliances would not be possible without the principles of electromagnetism. This also goes for electric fans, HVAC systems, and video systems.


The wheels of the world’s industrial might are (in no small part) turned by electromagnets. Many automated parts depend on solenoids and induction motors. A solenoid is one of the simplest yet most effective kind of electro mechanical assembly. Large machines are operated by control circuits that use relays and switches operated by the power of magnetism.

The Computer Age

Even though computers are everywhere, they still rely on electromagnetism. This technology will always be in demand and companies supplying them will always be in business and provide jobs for millions of people in the world.

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