The Importance of Document Destruction Shredding in Irvine

Document Destruction Shredding in Irvine is important to businesses to remain in compliance with confidentiality regulations, secure privacy for customers and clients, and protect professionals and employees. It is also needed to secure intellectual property, keep developments and ideas for new products away from the competition, and prevent vital information from being stolen. There are a few ways to shred documents. A shredding room is designated in some businesses where employees bi-ring all material to be shredded to one place. Someone is responsible for shredding material at the end of the day, or during another shift. That is not very secure because people can view the material while it is waiting to be shredded.

Many businesses rely on personal shredders for individual offices. Professionals are responsible for shredding documents as needed, and shredding is done immediately. Confidential information does not sit in a file after it is needed, does not travel from one office to another, and is less likely to be seen by professionals and support staff in other offices. That works well in offices that do not generate a lot of material that requires shredding, but there are some problems with this method. First, there is the cost of individual shredders for each office. That can get expensive quickly as they are not very sturdy and need to be replaced frequently. Another issue is that they tend to cut in one direction. That makes is easy to piece together information after shredding, or leave entire lines of information intact. Most shredders can only shred a few pages at one time, which can waste a lot of man-hours during the day.

Hiring a private company to handle Document Destruction Shredding in Irvine is often more cost-effective, and more secure, than shredding in-house. Locked bins are provided so once material is placed in a bin, no one has access to it. That eliminates information being viewed, lost, or stolen.

Mobile units arrive on-site and shred material in a confetti-type cut that renders information unreadable. The driver remains outside the vehicle, and shredding is witnessed by a business representative via cameras located in the mobile shredder.

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