The Importance of Background Checks

One of the most important aspects of the pre-employment process is the completion of background checks.  The simplest and most efficient way for you to be certain that all the information gathered is correct is to work with security clearance services.  They are far more skilled at completing a thorough background check on an individual or individuals in a timely, cost-effective manner.  They are also prepared to deal with the legal and regulatory ramifications of the process since that is the industry they are in.

Information is Collected from Many Geographical Areas
Security clearance services have access to numerous databases that the average person doesn’t.  They also have years of experience and skills that they have learned through years of trial and error.  They know how to corroborate employment experience, financial information, and where to look for a criminal past. Typically, these types of companies will have independent employees on their rolls in other states and even countries able to verify information.

An Unbiased Opinion is Formed
When you outsource your security clearance checks, you are far less likely to find that and silly bias, such as “I really do not like the sound of her voice,” will affect an interviewer’s decision.  Sounds off the wall, but it happens.  With a reputable company performing background checks for you, you can be sure that you are selecting the right candidate for the position.

Ban the Box
There is a movement that is gaining momentum in this country.  It is referred to as “ban the box” in which people no longer want any questions regarding a criminal past on an application.  The feeling is that this makes it too difficult for criminals to obtain employment.  An outside company will have the time to do what you cannot. They will keep up with all laws and regulations pertaining to this.  If this has piqued you interest, please feel free to contact Innovative Employee Solutions.

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