The Importance Of Annual HVAC Service

All manufacturers of HVAC systems recommend that the unit be inspected and serviced at least once a year. Even though this recommendation appears in the owner’s manual there are many homeowners who either neglect to do it or simply forget about it. When you do not arrange for a Chicago HVAC company to come in and perform an annual service your energy bills will probably increase and you do put your health and the health of your family at risk. A licensed HVAC technician has the skills and the tools to ensure that your unit is working as it should and it is running efficiently.

If your furnace burns fossil fuel; oil or gas, there is a real possibility of carbon monoxide escaping into the home if the system is not well maintained. Even the smallest leaks can be hazardous; this hazard can be eliminated with an annual HVAC checkup and service.

One of the biggest advantages to calling in a Chicago HVAC company annually is that it will operate at maximum efficiency. Everyone with a gas or oil fired furnace knows exactly just how expensive fuel is. When your system runs at peak performance you will keep your energy costs as low as possible. Professional HVAC technicians can balance and adjust your system to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency and tune the system up to use the minimum amount of fuel which of course means lower fuel bills.

Annual service and preventative maintenance go hand in hand. It is a good idea to arrange for a Chicago HVAC company to perform the work on your unit before the winter sets in; this will ensure that your furnace will work well when it is needed most. During the annual service the technician will go through all the components, in the event he should notice a potential problem he can suggest a solution before it actually fails, if the system requires new parts or parts need repair this is the time to have the work done. This is one of the hidden benefits of annual service; your furnace will not fail unexpected in the dead of winter.

There are real benefits to having an annual inspection on your HVAC system. You will save on the cost of energy, you will be sure that your system will run perfectly when called upon and it will perform safely and at the highest possible efficiency.

If you are looking for a Chicago HVAC company that offers new systems as well as maintenance and service on existing equipment you are invited to contact Heatmasters, serving Chicagoland since 1950.

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