The Importance of a DUI Lawyer in Ocean City, MD for a Person Who Caused an Accident While Intoxicated

Most of the time, people who are stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol did not cause a collision. However, when an intoxicated driver does cause an accident, it’s important to hire a DUI lawyer in Ocean City, MD to avoid serious consequences. Maryland has very strict laws regarding drunk driving. Even a first-time offense without a collision can result in a jail sentence if a judge believes this is deserved.

Problems With Drinking and Driving

The laws are so stringent because drunk driving is a major cause of property damage, injury and even death. People don’t seem to realize that operating a motor vehicle while impaired makes them so much more susceptible to slow reaction times, ineffective judgment and general confusion.

Early Efforts by Legal Counsel

A DUI lawyer in Ocean City, MD can represent the defendant at the initial hearing, which is only scheduled if the driver requests it. If the judge rules against the driver, a 60-day license suspension goes into effect for a first-time offender.

It is possible for an attorney to convince a prosecutor to drop the DUI charges or a judge to dismiss the case, even if a collision occurred. There may be doubt about whether police officers followed proper legal procedure, for instance. If these attempts fail, a plea bargain may be another possibility.

Aggravating Factors in DUI Cases

In Maryland, an alcohol-related vehicle collision is legally considered an aggravating factor, and it increases the potential penalties associated with a DUI conviction. The situation escalates if anyone was injured, including any passengers in the vehicle operated by the intoxicated driver. Another aggravating factor includes having a minor child in the vehicle when driving while impaired by alcohol.

A Serious Offense

Causing an automobile accident while intoxicated is a serious offense, which is considered a crime in Maryland. The defendant needs representation by a lawyer such as Marc A. Zeve. Details about this particular attorney can be found at the website DUI attorneys know the best defenses for these charges and how to make sure the client receives the most lenient sentence possible under the circumstances.

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