The Importance of a Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy in Austin TX for a Vehicle That Is Temporarily Unused

Even if someone is not planning to drive a car or pickup truck for several months, having comprehensive coverage on a Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy in Austin TX may be a smart idea. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage caused by incidents that are not addressed through collision insurance. Collision insurance only pays for repairs or replacement value if the vehicle has been involved in an accident with other vehicles or if the driver hits a stationary object. In contrast, comprehensive insurance pays for damage that could occur while the car is parked at home.

This coverage in a Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy in Austin TX will pay for auto body repair if the vehicle is dented by hail, for example, or if a tree falls on it. If someone vandalizes the vehicle, this also is paid for by the comprehensive feature. Even if the car or truck is in a garage or storage shed, it could be at risk of damage due to fire or a tornado. Homeowners insurance typically does not cover damage to vehicles in these circumstances, as this is intended to be one of the purposes of automotive insurance.

As with collision insurance, there is a deductible. A person considering purchasing automotive coverage through an organization such as Perdue Insurance Group must weigh the potential benefits of the comprehensive provision with the extra cost as well as the deductible amount.

For instance, adding this feature might cost an additional $150 with a deductible of $500. The vehicle owner would need to pay $500 out of pocket before payment from the insurer would begin. Nevertheless, the type of damage that can occur because of a storm or vandalism can be expensive to repair. A tree falling on a car might result in thousands of dollars of damage, for example. It may not be possible to drive the vehicle unless it is repaired. Repair work that would only cost the owner $500 with comprehensive coverage might cost $2,000 or more without it. Not everyone has these funds immediately available and may dislike the idea of using a credit card to pay for this expense. This makes adding the comprehensive provision a substantial advantage.

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