The First Steps in the Process for a Meth Lab Clean Up in Atlanta, GA

The privacy offered by homes are one of the desired qualities for meth dealers. Once the home has become a meth lab, it is considered a hazardous space. This is because there are dangerous chemicals utilized when creating this drug. These chemicals will permeate through every inch of the home. It will stick to surfaces, remain in the ventilation system, and linger throughout the home. The only option for such a home is to do a complete clean up of the space.

Before anyone can enter the space for the Meth Lab Clean Up in Atlanta GA, the proper safety gear must be put on. Since all surfaces in the home potentially contain dangerous materials, an entire hazmat suit must be worn. Protective breathing equipment is also be donned until the home is adequately ventilated. At this juncture, only experienced clean up personnel should enter the space.

After entering the space safely, the damage done by the meth lab is evaluated. This will determine how big the cleanup project is, what areas will need the most attention, and the safest method of cleanup. At this point, samples may also be taken to determine the extent of the contamination and what type of chemicals are being dealt with. Air samples may also be taken.

After the initial evaluation for the Meth Lab Clean Up in Atlanta GA, the home is ventilated for at least twenty-four hours. This is to help reduce the amount of chemicals encountered in the space. Since these chemicals are also highly flammable, venting the fumes will help reduce this potential hazard. Any potentially flammable objects such as gas canisters may be removed. The gas or power to the home may also be shut off and the ventilation system run on a separate power source to reduce the potential for fire.

Cleaning up a meth lab takes time. Often, the entire home has been contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Coming into contact or breathing these chemicals in can make people sick. If there is the least amount of suspicion that the home has been used as a meth lab, check out website  for more information on getting it cleaned out. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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