The Elegance Of Mansion Doors

Having a luxury home or a custom designed home is a dream for many couples. When you finally attain that dream, having the right mansion doors to welcome your guests and to provide your home just the look you want is important.

Just as there are different styles and designs of homes, there are also different types of mansion doors. These can include double doors, copper doors, or beautifully crafted African mahogany doors that are rich, classic and elegant in each element of their design.

Solid or Open

One of the first considerations is how much privacy, or how much light and view, you want from your front entrance doors. Different styles are suited to either a more open or a solid design, and both can be equally appealing.

The benefit to more glass in the mansion doors is a more open look with more natural light into the entrance. This also gives a warm and welcoming look from the exterior of the home, particularly in the evening when the lights shine out from the entrance. Often, the large glass areas of these doors is decorated with art glass, or camed, to show beautiful patterns, designs and even types of glass.

However, solid doors can be selectively carved and designed to add warm with great design elements. Combining smaller lites with design on the door itself is also a very popular option.

Sidelites and Transom Options

For both a solid style or design of mansion doors or a more open and airy option, you should also consider adding a transom and sidelites. A transom and sidelite combination is often an ideal option with a solid door, bringing in the light on top of and around the door.

Rounded, arched or rectangular transoms add height to the door, and can feature a pattern in the glass that accentuates the door design or the caming within the glass on the door and the sidelites. This is a very classic look and gives an entrance a very unique look that is a step above what you will see in other homes.

Sidelites, at least from top manufacturers of mansion doors, can be fully operational. This allows you to open them to bring in the breeze, a very nice extra touch to any entrance.

Once you have selected the door style and the transom and sidelite or sidelites, the next step is to choose the stain. With all the options in colors, you will find the perfect color to create mansion doors that look perfectly matched to your home interior and exterior.

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