The Different Types Of Mattresses

Buying a new mattress can seem daunting, especially with all of the new kinds of mattresses and options that are available. When shopping around for a mattress in Jackson, MS, consider looking both online, and in stores. This is a great way to get an idea of pricing. Getting a good night’s rest is a quest that often escapes many of us day after day, but taking the time to thoroughly research your next mattress purchase may save you the headache of more sleepless nights.

Popular Types of Mattresses

Perhaps the most traditional kind of mattress, an innerspring mattress relies on coils for structure and support. There are different kinds of innerspring mattresses, and these can include models that use individually wrapped coiled pockets, or springs that are connected into a single unit. Difference in spring material, thickness, and shape of the spring can all influence how an innerspring mattress feels.

Foam mattresses have grown in popularity over the years, as some people have found they offer better support than traditional innerspring mattresses. As the name suggests, these mattresses can be comprised of one of more types of foam, and foam as a mattress material allows for different levels of comfort and heat dissipation.

A pillow top mattress is a mattress that offers an extra layer of padding that is sewn onto the top of the mattress. This option is often popular with those who have extra weight, as the pillow top helps to provide extra cushion.

A popular alternative to investing in a higher quality mattress, is to invest in an adjustable foundation. Adjustable foundations allow for a more controlled comfort and sleeping experience, as remote controls allow the sleeper to adjust the bed to compliment them best.

Ways to Shop for a Mattress

There are two main ways to look for a new mattress, and that is either online or going to a mattress store. There are pros and cons to both, but it mainly comes down to personal preference. A pro to shopping for a mattress online may be that there is less pressure involved in the process. This allows you to compare prices and mattresses without worrying about sales pressure. However, buying in a mattress in the store allows you to test out the product, which is highly recommended when buying a new mattress.

Whether you make the decision to buy a mattress either in a store or online, it’s undeniable that there are many options for buying a mattress in Jackson, MS.

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