The Difference between Virgin Remy Hair and Other Extensions

The term virgin hair or virgin remy hair may be heard a lot but some may not know what virgin remy hair actually is or why it is more expensive. Virgin remy hair is hair that is donated and never chemically processed. The donors are typically of Indian, Brazilian, and/or Malaysian descent which is how you get the different genres of hair. Each region that the donor lives in and their ethnic background, strongly affects the texture, shade and thickness of the hair.

Virgin Remy Hair

Virgin remy hair is hair that has essentially has never been touched by any harsh washes, bleaching, permanents and/or dyes. There are different levels of virgin remy hair that is available for purchase; AAA Grade is the highest quality of any human hair extensions/weaves.

Remy and Non-Remy Hair

Remy hair is gathered from its donors in a way that the hair follicle (cuticle) remains intact and that all of the cuticles are perfectly lined up with the surrounding/neighboring hairs. This enhances the overall look, feel and quality of the hair because there will never be a difference in the color or texture because it is gathered from the same exact area. The virgin remy hair will also remain silky and soft to the touch; it is easy to care for and is mostly utilized in the high quality hairpieces, wigs and extensions.

Non-remy hair is typically left over donor hair that may be gathered from floors of salons and so forth. Remy hair may not always be virgin hair, so if virgin remy hair is being sought, ensure that there are certifications stating what kind of hair is about to be purchased. After non-remy hair has been gathered, it is usually combined to make wefts. Because it is non-remy hair, the cuticles will not be aligned properly and it will tangle/matte more easily. Beware for the shops that dip their hair in silicone to try to trick consumers because just because it may feel nice, does not always mean that it is the virgin remy hair that you are looking for.


Virgin remy hair can be purchased in various lengths, colors, textures and so forth. Sometimes specialty hair salons and shops will be able to accommodate what the customer is looking for. Depending on if an individual is looking for virgin remy hair extensions or a virgin remy hair wig/weave, will determine what options are going to be openly available to them.

Great Benefits of Virgin Remy Hair

Some of the greatest benefits from purchasing virgin remy hair extensions is that they are incredibly smooth and silky. Offering only the most wonderful textures and colors that look natural and is extremely easy to care for. Virgin remy hair extensions can easily be used for more than one application, and they can be styled in any way utilizing flat/curling irons, styling products and can be dyed if desired. Once the virgin remy hair extensions are applied, any hair style can be chosen afterwards – the possibilities are virtually endless.

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