The Beverage Carrier – Current Options and the Next Generation Solution

Beverage carriers offer a convenient solution to a common problem – allowing consumers to transport several canned beverages together easily. Standard products fitting these needs have been in stores for years: paperboard folded baskets with individual container areas for each beverage, and can “wraps” or boxes.

Each has an argument as a mainstay in beverage sales, but a new product is gaining market share as the most effective beverage carrier.

Paperboard Foldable Baskets
Paperboard basket carriers offer a built-in handle at the top of the carrier, and can be divided into specific areas for each can. After use, the carrier can be folded easily, reducing the amount of space taken up in waste receptacles. They can be co-mingled into curbside pickup recycling in most areas. Paperboard carriers can also be built with additives to enhance wet strength in the presence of condensation, and made with post-consumer recycled materials. Their design generally limits the number of cans able to be carried, but leaves a portion of the can’s design visible to customers for brand recognition.

Can “Wraps”.
Can wraps are more easily recognized by consumers as boxes, which also offer an integrated handle (usually by means of a perforated elongated hole through which to place your index, middle, ring, and little fingers). These carriers usually offer higher quantity of cans, and the added benefit of covering the top of the can as protection from contamination. These are not reusable, but can be easily recycled.  This beverage carrier requires a complete reproduction of the product’s branding printed on the wrap, as the cans are completely obscured by the carrier.

Protective Top Can Carriers
Leveraging high-density polyethylene (HDPE) technology, top-covering can carriers are gaining space on retail shelves as the beverage carrier of choice for companies offering canned beverages. These carriers protect the tops of cans from contamination, are easy to hold and remove, feature 96% post-consumer recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable after use.

The strength of the improved plastic also means a scalable packaging – 12packs are now possible in addition to the classic 6pack. Also, these carriers leave the majority of the can’s design uncovered – making it the best choice for beverage makers wanting their product easily and quickly seen by customers on store shelves.

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