The Best Ways To Go About Buying A Car

The first thing that you must understand when you are buying a car is that the vehicle is not an investment. A car is an asset that depreciates; its value goes down over time. On average you can expect a new car to lose about 20 percent of its value in the first year you own it but there is a flip-side; if you can a great used car that’s only a year or two old, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Before you head out to the Mazda dealer near Frankfort there are a few things that you should do first:

The process begins with a budget. If you have not saved enough already, start setting money aside. It is more than just the price of the car, you must know in advance that you can afford to repair the car if necessary, maintain it properly, insure it, put gas in it, etc. Take time to research what you want; look into the cost, the reputation of the manufacturer, the size that suits your needs and the reputation of the dealer in your area.

Determine if you will need to finance the purchase. If you do not have enough cash to buy the car outright then you are faced with making a sizable down payment and financing the balance. Shop around for the best deal which includes the terms of the loan and of course the interest rate. Check with the Mazda dealer near Frankfort to see what they can do as well as your bank or credit union.

Decide if you will go for a new car or a quality used one. There are risks of course when you buy a used car, unless you opt for a certified pre-owned car you are buying the used car “as is,” you are assuming the risk of there being something wrong which is not evident. A new car of course comes with a warranty.

Before you set foot in the showroom, do a little research. Try to determine as best you can how low you think the dealer will go on price, do not be intimidated; negotiate hard. It is possible to come very close to the price you will eventually end up paying from several internet sites, use the information they contain to your advantage. If you are in no big hurry to buy a car the best times are late December and during the months of July through October.

Once you have done your preliminary research you will now be looking for a Mazda dealer near Frankfort. Hawk Mazda of Joliet are proud to bring you new and used Mazda’s to the area, you are invited to check their impressive inventory.

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