The Best Tips on How to Maintain Dining Table Pads

Dining Table Pads are a great way for you to main your precious pieces of furniture and ensure that they are always in tip top condition. This is a worthy investment especially considering that getting a table pad is cheaper than table top repair and refinishing. Some high quality table pads from companies such as Superior Table Pad Co. Inc can give you many years of service without needing replacements. It is however still necessary to maintain your purchase accordingly to ensure that you get the most service out of it.


One of the basic tips on table pads has to do with the cleaning. Only the top vinyl layer usually needs to be cleaned using liquids. You should never use abrasives when cleaning the vinyl top as this can cause scratches and other unsightly damage. You only need to wash with mild soap and a damp cloth as these tops are made specifically for easily cleaning. You should also pay attention to the suede bottom. This should never be cleaned using liquid cleaners or water. A soft bristled brush will provide sufficient cleaning in this case.


It is also recommended that you use your table pad only when needed. If you however choose to have it on the table surface for long periods of time, it is important that you protect against moisture build-up as well as let the table finish breathe. You can do this by removing the pad for a day after every few weeks. It is also important that you store your table pads correctly when not in use. A pad storage bag or shipping box is the perfect way to store your table pads.


Lastly, avoid storing your table pads where there is unstable humidity such as in the basement. Store your pads lying in a flat position or as vertical as possible when storing them on edge. Avoid serving directly on the table pad with pieces that come straight from the oven. Where this is unavoidable, be sure to use trivets or hot mats. Using these tips will ensure that you get the most life out of your table pads. These can be costly but with the right maintenance, is an investment that more than pays for itself in the long-run.

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