The Best Reasons To Send A Bouquet of Carnations

Individual flowers tend to have distinct connotations. While many are interchangeable, it is understood that each flower has a specific meaning. For example, roses are generally considered to be romantic flowers. Consequently, you would not send roses to a funeral remembrance.

Alternately, simple flowers such as daisies are generally considered as fillers for a bouquet. Therefore, they do not have the same connotation as a rose. Flowers are known for their fragrance as well as their beauty. If you are looking for a general flower that covers a range of different occasions, you should consider a bouquet of carnations.


Carnations come in a variety of colors. Commonly, they grow very large, especially if they are well-fed and well-maintained. In addition to their size and color, they emit a wonderful fragrance. If you place carnations in front of a window or near a fan, the light breeze will spread the pleasant smell throughout a room, which is the primary reason most people buy a bouquet of carnations.

How They Came to Be

Carnations, as with most other plant life, began as a wild variety that was colorful and noteworthy but noticeably smaller and less significant. Through the careful husbandry of decades of gardeners, carnations are now available in dozens of different colors.

Carnations range from pure white to bright red, with many variations in between. For example, you can find white petaled carnations ringed with red or pink, which is one reason that people favor them for different occasions. They can be chosen to fit any personal preference.

Because of the decades of careful propagation, carnations are now one of the most sought-after flowers. If you need flowers, you cannot go wrong with the beauty and simplicity of carnations. You can find several great examples at You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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