The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Northampton MA Helps When a Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Mental Illness

A traumatic brain injury can occur during an accident and leave the person with serious physical and mental problems. Although many people eventually recover fully, others develop permanent and significant personality changes and disability. Some actually develop serious mental illness on the level of psychosis, dealing with delusions and auditory hallucinations. They might be suspected of having schizophrenia until a doctor learns about the brain injury. The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Northampton MA can assist this person or the family in gaining financial compensation, which will help a great deal. Money cannot return the injured person to his previous state of well-being, but it can pay for medical and therapy expenses as well as for the lost income this individual used to contribute.

Someone who has developed psychosis after a brain injury may show patterns of disorganized thinking as indicated by what he or she says. Communication at times may appear to be nonsensical in either speaking or writing. Social skills may deteriorate. This person may become paranoid about other people’s intentions. Auditory hallucinations can be very distracting and lead the individual to respond, making it appear that he or she is talking to nobody. This person may not understand why anyone thinks the personality changes are problematic, or may not even realize there have been any changes.

One person might only experience a serious psychotic episode once in a while, and it might not last very long. Other individuals are affected by these episodes frequently or chronically and may never seem to have a relatively normal personality any more. Serious episodes may require hospitalization if it seems likely that the person will harm other people or engage in self-harm.

All these issues can be very difficult for the family to deal with. Repeated stays in a psychiatric hospital cost money, and the injured person may need supervision at home. The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Northampton MA works to gain financial compensation to cover all those expenses and to bring some level of peace of mind to the family. A firm such as Daniel and Fontaine LLC is ready to help and offers a free consultation. Visit them on Twitter for regular information.

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