The Best Milk Distributors in Ohio?

Milk distribution is an art, requiring sensitivity to the needs of customers while always making product safety the top priority. When food service companies, retailers, and restaurants in Ohio look for the best milk distributors, they will consider product lines, variety, pricing, and most importantly, reliability. Milk distributors in Ohio need to provide customers with reliable, on-time service delivery at competitive prices.

Although Instant Whip is a name associated most with their flagship aerosol whipped cream, the company has since expanded to become Ohio’s top milk distributor. In fact, Instant Whip now carries far more than just milk with a portfolio that also includes non-dairy food items and also food service supplies. Instant Whip has been keeping Ohio the food service and hospitality industry happy since the 1930s, making them a sure and reliable choice for milk distribution.

Dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, and butter need to be treated with extra care. A good milk distributor in Ohio knows this, storing and transporting quality dairy products at optimal refrigeration and shelving conditions. When you also need to add on other items like non-dairy creamer, dessert custards, or even soft serve, it helps to go direct with Instant Whip. You end up saving not only money but valuable time when ordering. You will also need a wide range of products for the diverse types of foods you serve.

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, cruise ships and other hospitality, food industry, and food retailers need to have a reliable source of dairy products in Ohio. When it comes to accessing the generous supply chain available in Ohio, few companies do it better than ones that have been around for decades. Instant Whip can provide the food service and catering sector with whatever it needs to deliver top quality products to customers. If you are looking for a milk distributor in Ohio, consider the needs of your customers first. You need products with long shelf life and reliable stability and quality.

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