The best carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction

If you have never heard the term “hot water extraction carpet cleaning” it would not come as much of a surprise. Major players in the carpet cleaning industry have decided to adopt the term “steam cleaning” to describe this particular process. The simple truth is; it makes no difference what it is called, it is by far the best method of carpet cleaning in Edgewater that there is.

Do you have doubts?

There are other ways to clean carpets; shampooing, bonnet and dry powder. If you have doubts that hot water extraction is the preferred method all you have to do is look at the published literature from major carpet manufacturers. There is a good reason they recommend hot water extraction and there is also a good reason why all the best companies that do carpet cleaning in Edgewater use this method.

How does it work?

Steam cleaning; although a common term is a misnomer. The truth is, there is no steam involved, what there is however is extremely hot water and cleaning agents that are driven into the carpet under high pressure. This combination of heat, chemicals and pressure loosens the dirt and grime and at almost the same moment a high powered vacuum removes the mix. All the dirt, grime and stains are gone.

Go with the pros:

Carpet steam cleaners are available for rent, they are commonly available at any hardware and even grocery stores. Although they do a decent job and renting one is less costly than hiring a professional cleaning service, they do not do the same excellent job that large, truck mounted units do. Larger units are far more powerful, this means that they clean deeper and more thorough. The vacuum removal system employed is superior, not only do they do a far better job of picking up the dirt, they remove far more moisture from the carpet which allows you to get back to normal far faster.

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