The Benefits of Warehouse Management Software

If you still run most of your warehouse operations manually, you are losing a lot of valuable time and resources. In fact, with the help of modern warehouse management software, you can have a more efficient and profitable business. Here are some of the benefits these programs have to offer.

What is Warehouse Management Software?

This kind of software is often called an automated warehouse management system or WMS. It helps the manager or supervisor control inventory in real-time and keep track of employees and storage media. You can do much of the work through a computer interface (dashboard), and some of the best programs are in the cloud (Internet-based).

Automated WMS Benefits

When you have the right warehouse management software, you won’t need as many people on hand. For example, with a manual system, an employee must travel to the stock area to verify inventory. This is unnecessary when you have a software program that tracks inventory. Every product entered or taken from inventory gets scanned. In fact, a RFID (radio frequency identification) system can scan entire stock areas, including mezzanines without human intervention, and there are more benefits.

Fewer “Out of Stock” Problems

How many times did you hold up an order or send it out short, because you didn’t have one or more of the items needed? This is not only frustrating for workers and the supervisor; it’s a huge inconvenience to the customer. In fact, if customers receive too many “out of stock” notices, they’ll go to another source (your competition).

Warehouse management software keeps track of your products and can let you know when an item is low in stock. Some programs can order new stock for you, so you’ll have plenty of your fastest moving products on hand. These are just a few of many good things high-tech management programs can give you.

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