The Benefits Of Using A Central Vacuum System

Vacuums are a pain to use, can sometimes make more of a mess than they clean up, and take up a lot of space to store. Not only that, but they are expensive and need to be replaced every few years as they break down. However, with a Central Vacuum System, these problems become nearly non-existent and they offer the homeowner a number of benefits over their upright counterparts.

These vacuum systems are installed throughout the home’s walls, with the motor and receptacle housed elsewhere. Their motors and suction capabilities are not hindered by smaller construction and they are built to last for years. These more powerful motors offer the homeowner a deeper cleaning. Their easy to use attachments also allows for more versatility, which reduces the need for multiple cleaning equipments. Not only can they clean carpets and other flooring, but they are designed to clean fabrics such as those on couches, and window coverings. They also are great for dusting, even high areas such as fans and top cabinet shelves.

Using a vacuum system also helps to keep the air within the home cleaner. They do not reintroduce dust particles back into the air with use because their receptacles are housed in a different location, such as the basement and they have higher quality filtration systems. This coupled with the fact that the air they use is expelled outside the home, reduces the amount of allergens recirculating throughout the home. Uprights, on the other hand, recycle the air back into the room with use which reintroduces the pollutants.

Unlike uprights and hand held vacuum cleaners, central systems add value to the home. They are an investment that pays for itself in just a few years with the removed need to replace expensive uprights. Not only that, but the added value to the home will more than replace the installation investment when the home is sold. Also, value is added with higher indoor air quality, ease of use, and reduced need to store bulky and awkward equipment.

To learn more about the benefits of installing a Central Vacuum System in your home, contact the experts at The Stereoshop Inc.

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