The Benefits Of Urethane Timing Belts

There are several reasons why urethane is an ideal option for many different types of applications. This is an elastomer that is a wise choice for timing belts, largely due to the qualities and characteristics it provides.

When thinking about what makes a top timing belt, there are several factors to consider. They need to be strong and durable and to be able to operate in a wide range of different operating conditions. This could include high heat in manufacturing and processing equipment or engines as well as with extreme force on the belt for heavy duty applications and machines.

Stretch and Return

Also, the timing belt has to be flexible at the same time it is strong. It will need to be able to stretch, if necessary, and then return to the original shape. Stretching rather that breaking is a benefit, but only if the elastomer has memory and will return to the original size. With quality urethane timing belts, this is a key factor.

Having that slight amount of giving in the timing belt is critical in any application. As urethane timing belts can be used in high-performance engines, printers, manufacturing equipment or virtually any other application, stretching slightly rather than breaking is the ideal option.

Temperature and Flexibility

Many types of plastics are prone to become brittle if they are exposed to extreme types of heat or cold conditions. This can become more pronounced if the extremes alternate between hot and cold.

The use of urethane helps to eliminate this brittleness that can develop over time. At the same time, urethane timing belts are more resistant to cracking, corrosion and abrasion, which makes them the ideal choice for small to large machinery, engines, equipment or even robotics applications.

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