The Benefits of Communities That Offer Independent Senior Living in Spokane, WA

With Baby Boomers retiring in unprecedented numbers, the need for senior services and housing solutions in Spokane has increased dramatically. Fortunately, many older adults can meet many of their needs simply by moving into Orchard Crest Retirement Community. Active adults living in the community can choose from a variety of charming apartments and meet new friends. They stay as busy as they want and still enjoy the security of having medical help close by.

Senior Communities Offer Companionship

Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA often appeals to otherwise vibrant, active adults who have simply become cut off from their previous social lives. Family and friends can drift away and many people lose touch with others once they retire. That is especially true if they do not drive. It doesn’t take long for them to become lonely and depressed once their daily lives slow down. However, many improve as soon as they become part of active senior communities and begin to form healthy new relationships.

Older Adults Can Stay Active

It can also be hard for older adults who live alone to get as much exercise as they need. Many do not feel safe walking alone. In contrast, a community designed for Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA offers a beautifully landscaped, secure campus that is ideal for long walks or just enjoying nature. Seniors also have access to exercise equipment and a pool. They can take group trips that keep them active and engaged with friends. Statistics show that older adults who remain active have reduced chances of high blood pressure, stroke and coronary heart disease.

Family Relationships Are Healthier

Many seniors enjoy better relationships with grown children or grandchildren once they move into independent living communities. The elderly no longer feel like burdens on their family members. Their grown children are more likely to enjoy the time they spend with parents when they do not have to worry about their welfare. Since communities include standby medical staff, families are also assured that they will be notified if their parents or grandparents’ health changes.

Many senior citizens remain independent and vital well into old age by moving into well-managed communities designed around their needs. Residents enjoy increased well- being because they make new friends, stay active and avoid feeling like burdens to their families. Like us on Facebook.

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